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Yorder Space is founded by architectural designer Frank & Jasmine in 2017 based in Auckland. Our design process is entirely focused on the client and their desires and expectations for the new project. We integrate those information with the principles of functionality, aesthetics, innovation and comfort, considering the exceptional features of the site location and all the legal and zoning requirements in achieving the best possible outcome by reducing unexpected costs and delays and promises a highly effective and functional design
Yorder Space 建筑事务所由设计师Frank& Jasmine 于2017年创立于奥克兰。事务所提供高品质,人性化的设计咨询服务。我们怀着最大的尊重,为每一位客户提供最优的定制化设计,努力提高建筑项目的价值,形成了创新与独特的设计理念和风格。


  • We pursuit the quality
    YSA team has experience in all stages of project delivery – from feasibility, concept design to final documentation and we have a proven ability to navigate successful paths through the entrie process. providing a high level of design and drawings.
    我们认真对待每一个项目,我们追求高水准的设计和图纸质量。通过公司内部的协作平台,并于construction公司合作,逐步完善资料库和设计标准,严格按照building code和NZS3604. 我们承诺,为客户提供高品质的解决方案与最全面专业的咨询和材料准备。

  • We think what you care
    We listen and work closely with our clients in bringing together their vision and bring our years of design knowledge and experience to evolve each project to create unique solutions. We believe good design requires careful planning and detailing to create comfortable yet distinct spaces.
    我们愿意安静倾听客户的需要, 然后协助客户把这些需求转化为专业的、务实的设计目标。如果您找我们设计自住房,我们愿意切身按照您的生活规划为您设计一栋满意的理想之家。如果您找我们设计投资房,我们愿意跟您一起探讨新西兰当下的设计趋势,市场需求,来帮助您达到利益最大化。 我们承诺,深入了解您的需求、规划、及想法,并竭诚尽力与您一同规划您的项目

  • We response quickly
    In NZ construction inductry, Time management is a major determinant of project success or failure. Our experience can support us quick response to ensure that we can always identify problems in advance and resolve them in time.
    在新西兰这个相对成熟的建造业环境中,对时间的控制在很大程度上决定的了项目的成败。我们反复打磨内部工作流程,形成了快速反应、问题预判确保在繁复的多专业整合和报审流程中,我们总能事先发现问题,及时解决问题。 我们承诺,遇到来自council,consulatants或者contractor的问题会在48小时内处理解决。不会让您的时间浪费在焦急等待中



We believe strong relationships start with clear and honest communication.

Our approach is to balance design with affordability. We respond to your delivery timeframes.

Most of our current projects are from repeat customers or referrals.






We are the experts in building consent processes and can support resource consent processes for buildings to satisfy local council requirements New Zealand wide.

We have worked extensively with Auckland Council, Wellington City Council, Christchurch City Council, Queenstown Lakes District Council, and more.

We also supply prefab houses and panel walls.

Some of our designs do not require building consent.

If you are after a unique look and feel to your building, we can support the importation of building materials into New Zealand.



Sylvia Marcos

"It has been a refreshing experience working with Yorder who have delivered us our dream home. As a first-time renovator, Yorder was there for us at every point. From beginning to end, they ensured we had a good understanding of the process, kept us informed, helped us navigate council, challenged our thinking and really listened to our needs and questions. Jasmine took the time to understand our vision and added so much value to help us articulate our design goals - within our build budget. I highly recommend the Yorder team and will be working with them again."


Liza Mirovsky

"We engaged Yorder to assist us in transferring our completed concept designs into drawings for Council submission. Frank was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, while also providing a good sounding board given his experience."


Gary Leichhardt

"Yorder did the architectural drawings for council submission and managed the renovation of our family home in Long Bay. We received a professional experience with efficient timeframes along with an understanding of our budget which we were able to achieve."